Yunnan Black Tea 2nd Grade

Yunnan Black Tea 2nd Grade

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Yunnan is a region in China known for producing excellent black tea. Yunnan black is famous for its fat golden buds and Ten Ren's 2nd Grade Yunnan Black Tea has a moderate concentration of these golden buds.

Tea brewed from Ten Ren's 2nd Grade Black Tea has a reddish brown color. The aroma is sugary. The taste is mildly sweet and smooth. Its aftertaste is refreshing and clean. The water used to steep this tea should be at the boiling point, 212F (100C).

Use about 2 teaspoons (3 grams) of tea leaves for about every 5 ounces (150 milliliters) of water. A steeping time of about 3-5 minutes with more or less time is recommended depending on the desired concentration.
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