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Peaceful Tea Set

Peaceful Tea Set

Item# A78A
This Peaceful Tea Set is a very high quality tea set. It is comprised of one tea pot, four tea cups, and four saucers, each of which has not been entirely glazed, with the purple clay visible at the bottom of each. All of the cups and saucers in this set have dark red rims that contrast with the off-white glaze. In addition to that, the tea pot has not been glazed on the inside, giving it the properties of a Yixing tea pot while maintaining the finished look of a glazed tea set.

This tea set has been hand glazed to bring out the exquisite details. This tea set has also been fired at two different temperatures, once for the purple clay and once for the glaze.

Yixing tea pots such as the one in this set are prized by tea connoisseurs because of the clay's special characteristics. With repeated usage, this pot will acquire its own unique flavor and increased luster and coloring that contributes to the enjoyment of tea. After usage, rinse with hot water and avoid using soap and other scented products that may be absorbed by the clay. The tea pot can hold approximately 8 fluid ounces (240 mL) and the tea cup can hold approximately 2 fluid ounces (60 mL). Dimensional shipping weight is 4 lbs.

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