Dragon Well Green Tea Bags

Dragon Well Green Tea Bags

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1.4 oz(0.16)LTB20
3.53 oz(0.89)LTB50


Available in boxes of 20 or 50 bags.
Dragon Well, also known as Long-Gin or Lung-Ching, is a green tea that is considered one of China's famous teas. It was mentioned by Lu Yu (733-804 A.D.) in his extensive thesis on tea, titled the "The Classic of Tea". Dragon Well leaves are pan fried instead of steamed to stop the fermentation process. The tea is steeped from good quality leaves and has a yellow-green color, pure aroma, and fresh and rich flavor with a pleasant aftertaste.

Like other green teas, Dragon Well is an unfermented tea. The water used to steep Dragon Well should be about 160F or 70C to prevent scalding the leaves.

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