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Choice Green Tea Powder Packets

Choice Green Tea Powder Packets

Item# HGH20


Ten Ren's Choice Green Tea Powder product contains 20 individually sealed packets of Choice Green Tea Powder for quick, easy-to-make hot or iced green tea. Choice Green Tea Powder uses green tea leaves of a higher grade than in Ten Ren's regular Green Tea Powder. The tea leaves are steamed instead of pan fried and then grounded into a fine powder with no artificial additives added.

Each packet contains 0.07 ounces (2 grams) of tea powder. Simply use one packet of tea powder for every 15 fluid ounce (450 ml) of water, cold or hot under 140F (60C). In addition, one can sprinkle the powder into yogurt, mix it with milk or use it to make green tea ice cream. Available in boxes of 20 packets. This product is made from 100% green tea leaves and has no additives or sweeteners. Shipping weight is 0.19 lb.
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