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Exquisite Tea Set for One by LuYu

Exquisite Tea Set for One by LuYu

Item# AG7A
This combination of a Tea Pot and a Jasmine Cup (Gaiwan) is perfect for those who wish to enjoy a single cup of tea. This teaset is designed by the famous Lu Yu Tea Art Institute in Taipei, Taiwan. Lu Yu teasets are known for their outstanding attention to the fit and finish of the piece.

The teapot has an inner convex sieve which helps to prevent tea leaves from blocking the flow of the tea through the spout. Made from purple clay and baked at a higher temperature for high quality, this tea set is ideal for serving semi-fermented teas such as Oolong, King's, Pouchong, and Ti Kuan Yin. The tea pot and jasmine cup come with a beautiful 8.5 by 5 inch bamboo tray.

Yixing tea sets such as this one are prized by tea connoisseurs because of the clay's special characteristics. With repeated usage, this set will acquire its own unique flavor and increased luster and coloring that contributes to the enjoyment of tea. After usage, rinse with hot water and avoid using soap and other scented products that may be absorbed by the clay. The teapot can hold approximately 5 fluid ounces (148 mL) and the tea cup 5 fluid oz. (148 mL). Available in a gift box with satin lining. Shipping weight is 1.72 lbs. Temporarily out of stock.
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