Osmanthus Supreme

Osmanthus Supreme Tea is composed of some of the finest Oolong tea scented with fresh Osmanthus flowers. The Oolong tea used in Osmanthus Supreme is of a higher quality than the Oolong tea used in the regular Osmanthus Oolong. Osmanthus is an evergreen shrub with attractive foliage and clusters of small, very fragrant flowers. These flowers are also used in some of the world's most famous and expensive fragrances. Net tea weight is 10.6 ounces (300 g) and shipping weight is 1.09 lbs.


Click to enlargeOsmanthus Supreme Bulk (Limited)Packaged in a green polymer ziplock bag. Net tea weight is 16 ounces and shipping weight is 1.05 lbs.

Osmanthus Supreme Sampler (0.32oz)Good for three 5 ounce servings.


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