Ku Ding Cha (4oz)

Ku Ding Cha (Kucha) is a bitter tea made from the leaves of a species of the Holly plant. The leaves are rolled in a way to give it the unique needle or nail shape. Once the leaves have been steeped, the needle will uncurl into a full leaf. The tea soup is a light green color and is bitter to taste with a clean and crisp aftertaste. It is recommended to steep 1 needle for every 4 ounces of water. Net tea weight 4 ounces (113 g) and shipping weight 0.28 lb.

Ku Ding Cha (Kucha) KD200-4$9.50

Ku Ding Cha (8oz)Shipping Weight is 0.53 lb.

Ku Ding Cha (16oz)Shipping Weight is 1.08 lbs.

Ku Ding Cha Sampler (0.32oz.)Good for fifteen to twenty 4 ounce servings.


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