Green Tea

Green tea is an unfermented and unoxidized tea and undergoes little amount of processing. When brewed, it produces a tea with a light greenish-yellow color, a fresh flavor, and a pure aroma. The tea leaves used in these tea bags are steamed to stop the fermentation process, while Dragon Well green tea leaves are pan fried to stop the fermentation process. The water used to steep green tea should be about 160F or 70C to prevent scalding the leaves. Available in boxes of 20 bags. Shipping weight is 0.16 lb.

Note: Shipping charges are based on the shipment weight. For the most economical shipping, the shipping charge is $4.35 for up to 3 boxes (20 tea bag size), $5.70 for 4-6 boxes, $6.95 for 7-12 boxes, $7.50 for 13-18 boxes, $7.85 for 19-24 boxes, $8.10 for 25-31 boxes.


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