Cha For Tea Mooncake Set

TenRen's Cha for Tea Mooncake set contains a number of delightful flavors. The following are the flavors from left to right:

2- Green tea, pumpkin, and grapefruit
2- Black tea, pumpkin, and pine nut
2- Black tea and rasberry
2- Oolong tea and blueberry
2- Black tea and grape
2- Green tea and red bean

Ingredients: green tea powder, black tea powder, oolong tea powder, bean paste, pumpkin, sugar, flour, invert syrup, vegetable oil, egg, preserved pomelo, pine nut, raisins, preserved adzuki bean, condensed milk, rasberry jam, apricot, blueberry jam, colorful poprice

Shipping weight is 2.11 pounds. Temporarily out of stock.


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